Tuesday, 14 October 2008

History of Games

So I suppose I should have posted this ages ago, but I dropped behind on t'other stuff! Anyways, on with the history...
Doesn't have to be essay style right?
A.S. Douglas obviously got completely bored of the whole using these awesome machines to work off; and therefore decided to use them for entertainment!! Creating the "first" game of graphics, Tic-Tac-Toe, 'cause that is so much fun! Mr. Douglas aparently had previously written a PHD degree at Cambridge University on Human/computer interactions; which I think is relevant as you need to have an interest in computers and interacting with computers to want to create something from or for them, right?
...Moving along. I think I’ll go to the first publicly released game, Tennis for Two in 1958. Imaginative name really! It was a game that involved you, quite simply, hitting a ball between two players. Not even that, just moving your rectangle to knock the ball back.
Anyway, I find it hard to imagine people being amused for hours on end by two rectangles and a circle... Anything less than the pixilated style of Sonic is impossible to play!
Back to the point: Space War was next in line on the early games, released in 1961! This was slightly more technological, as they were able to move in more directions, not just up and down...
Then onto Pong! Released in 1972! Looks like colour!! Though, isn’t that a tad early for colour?
I’ve also noticed that there’s a big difference in the time it takes for creating games back then, compared to now! Three years and even more.
Now onto the personal part;
My gaming history!
I think the first game that I played, was Sonic the Hedgehog on my Megadrive; along with a random motorbike racing game that I always owned my sister on (she isn’t too good at computer things).
When we advanced in technology onto the PlayStation, I’d spend my days playing Spyro the Dragon, Time Crisis and Tekken 4! Which doesn’t work anymore, sad times! Then we got the PlayStation 2!
I don’t really have a huge list of games that I’ve played to be honest. I’m just a light gamer, interested more in the pretty designs than the actual game play. Unless you count Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, which I would spend hours on when my dad bought the new ones!
The most recent games I’ve played on are Kingdom Hearts and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 which is my favourite!

^I want those headphones^

I’ve always been quite intrigued by technology, and I guess that my interest kept me playing video games, and growing with the technology!
I now want a PS3 and have my eyes on the Final Fantasy XIII Versus!

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