Sunday, 18 January 2009

Industry coping?

The industry is doing how the rest of society is doing. Going downhill. Proof even the entertainment industry isn’t safe, eh? Even though masses of cash still seem to be being spent on video games and the latest consoles, a few of the smaller games design companies are facing closure. discuss the issue, stating;
“It would appear that video gaming isn’t quite as recession-proof as many people would have you believe – long-time Nintendo supporter Factor 5 is rumoured to have closed it doors for the last time.”
What are employee’s views of working in the industry? – After a week of on-off searching, a few headaches and battles a lot of “Meh, can’t be bothered!” states, I gave up trying to find the views of the employee’s! Only one I came across, that kept showing up again and again and again was a rant about “crunch time” which I don’t think qualifies enough to be a view of working in the industry, ‘cause it’s just one time.
I think the biggest challenges facing the industry is creating games with stories that interest the games market enough for them to buy. Otherwise they’re just wasting time and money, and following suit of the companies that have already faced closure.
The impact. A smaller industry, the recession could have a drastic effect on the games industry, leaving us with fewer options in what companies to buy from, if any live through it.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


“Creativity is a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts. An alternative conception of creativness is that it is simply the act of making something new.”
I took the quote from because I thought it was the best description of creativity. Though, I think it can be simplified to creativity being something from your mind. An invention from your own thoughts.
Creativity can ‘manifest’ in many forms, the ones that come to peoples mind more frequently when asked would be art, music, drama and things similar, but anything that comes from your own thoughts could be classed as creative… I say it’s not just that though. Re-creating others work is also creative in my eyes ^^;

I wouldn’t say that it is hindered so much by the technical constraints around. Granted you can only go as far as the technology around you permits, but in this day and age… you just upgrade the technology. And lets be fair, I think technology permits some amazing things to come out of creativity! Digital painting being one of the best ^-^ How much further can you go in digitally painting things, when the results from some people are extremely realistic… You can’t go any closer than realism, and can create anything really… But in other ways, with the course we are all on, games can go further. They could get more realistic. I’d rather they not! Unless as mentioned in a previous blog, they made a virtual reality helmet type game! That would be awesome!! But enough of my distracted ramblings!
(I’m finding it really hard to define creativity, creativity is just that…)

Who does creativity? They all do, in different forms. Right? Yush! The artists and the writers are more recognised forms of creativity, granted, but the programmers, whats more creative than putting a lot of scripting together that confuses the hell out of everyone who isn’t a programmer! Yes, I’ve tried programming… Never again! And the Art Director, well… He comes up with the basics of what the artists base the characters on if I remember correctly, and gives the creative feedback ;D yeaa~h., I’ll go with that…

Creativity looks like whatever the creator makes it, was that a kind of trick question? How exactly can you define what creativity looks like? It has different forms, even in each sub-category of creativity there are differences!

Is it in the brand identity? What does that mean? *guesses* Meaning the company that released the game? Yeah, it’s in that… each company would have its own style of art, its own preferences in style and such. But it is also in the experience, as the style and art of each company would obviously be shown in the game.

Atlus! They are awesome! I love the style of the games they develop. One of my favourites, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (yeah, I’ve mentioned it again) not just 3D! It has 2D animation for the cutscenes! And having a love of 2D, and not so much as even a like of 3D-ness… They are great :D But, yeah, that is just my personal opinion… Other than that, I have no idea on “particularly creative” companies… The ones who made Unreal… that is a pretty awesome game… very creative results when you get a headshot >:3

I would show my creativity as an artist. Preferably a pencil artist… Drawing characters, not scenery. Specific yes, but I hate drawing scenery… despise it even.(Did I answer the last bit right?)

Monday, 5 January 2009

Week 11... more gameplay o.o

Gameplay is the experience overall of playing a game… which I’m sure we’ve covered! Is it important? I think it is, but I’m not sure how to explain why. I guess… without gameplay, would there even be a game? If gameplay is the experience of a game overall, then, it is important…
Definable set of rules? Hmmm. I don’t think so, seen as everybody’s idea of good gameplay would differ, due to personal preferences. Yeah?
The gameplay is designed into the game isn’t it? The designers choose the look of the game, the interactivity, the characters, the story, the ending… Everything in a game is programmed, so yes, gameplay can be designed in. But that’s just my opinion on the matter. Although, the latter of the question, ‘random convergence of several interacting factors’ seems to fit it too… I’m really confused right now. Probably seem like an idiot ^^;
But, in conclusion! Yes! Gameplay is important, as I pointed out at the beginning, and also, without peoples own personal preferences on gameplay, no-one would enjoy a game.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Week 10 - Story and Character

If it’s a good book, the author should be able to make you feel that you understand the characters… Make you see from their point of view, judge their actions, maybe even feel what it would be like when put into their situations.
When I think of the characters from films, one dominates above all else. Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I’m bias when it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean, ‘cause Johnny Depp is one of my favourite actors. But, who wouldn’t want to know a person with the personality of Mr. Sparrow? Everyone loves pirates after all… But getting back on track! I think that the writers, producer and Director or Pirates’ did well in making the audience be able to understand and love the character ^^;

I’m not doing this right am I? No clue! I hate blogs >.>

Anyway! A character from a book… Lestat from the Anne Rice books, The Vampire Chronicles. She also does well in making you feel for the character and understand the emotions in what her characters go through!
I have no idea what kind of technique they would use. I suppose making you get to know the characters would help in getting people to respond to them. If the past lives of the Characters is told, like in the ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ books would assist in “responding” to characters.

Pretty much all of the feelings towards characters is probably dependant on the scripting. How the actors carry out the roles is very important to how people feel towards the characters too, whether they make them likeable or detestable. I’m not sure how much it would depend on the appearance though. I guess if they look creepy, you’re bound to dislike the character. Unless the acting and script brings them out as completely miss-understood souls…

The stories I personally find “irresistible” would be ones that include Pirates and Vampires! I like stories that give the background of the characters, ones that are descriptive in the sceneries in the story, and the expressions that the characters have, responding to the situations they’re thrown into. I LOVE the unbelievable and supernatural stories, as probably guessed… ^^;

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Week 9

Always, when I go into a shop that sells platforms, I’ll be instantly distracted, turn somewhat zombie like, and start repeating “shineeeey” at the PS3, X-Box 360 and the Nintendo Wii. I shall admit. I want them all, seen as it’s pretty obvious. The only shiny platform I’ve owned is the Nintendo DS, which I sold for gig tickets, and my new one isn’t shineh! Mega Drive, PlayStation, Game boy colour, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS is the list of platforms that have been in my possession. I would say that the Mega Drive, PS1 and PS2 were the easiest of the lot to use. They have basic controllers… simple to understand and do the job they were intended for. I like simple. The Nintendo DS and Game Boy colour got confusing to me with all the linking with other people to play games. I don’t see the point in it on handhelds.

The nicest looking of the platforms I’ve had… Probably the Mega Drive! Retro is the way forwards in my opinion! But, the DS came close being shiny, but if it came down to choosing between a Mega Drive and a DS though… I’d trade the DS in a second!
I have no idea how users would interact with the consoles… to be honest, I can’t get my head around the question. Got so desperate I ran it past my parents… They started rambling on about the Nintendo Wii being interactive, and those Virtual Reality helmets which put you in game.
I really hope they come out someday. I would love something like that, or at least to have a go on one… A game like that in Dragon Drive!

In my eyes, the joystick is a dying technology… I’ve never found any interest in them. I would choose a mouse, or a PS2 controller over even trying one any day. I think they’re fine in arcades, on the silly games that steal all your money! But the proof is in the fact that nobody I’ve asked has ever noticed them in shops or even being advertised on TV…

And a last note… Left alignment is really … REALLY driving me insane! I need the symmetry!

-And no one see’s a problem with the black background =D