Thursday, 11 December 2008


I think, we all know that a good storyline makes a better game. If a game can catch our emotions when we play, doesn't it make us want to continue? Having a story to a game, for me, makes it feel much more personalised, and individual. ... I know there are probably hundreds of games with similar story lines, but the character choices set some apart from the rest.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't always go for a game with a good storyline. I'm a bit of a fan of mindless violence and decapitation, but those games are more of a group thing really... Not the same affect when your sat at home blasting the insides out of computer played characters, to when your getting head shots against your friends characters! Example; in college, we used to have random massacres on Unreal Tournament when we'd finished an assignment and had free time... Or, just when our tutor left the room... fire it up for a quick bloodbath... Anyway, I'm getting side tracked! Back to the point... ^^;
As a player, does the story happen to you? Or do you make the story? Erm... Well, the games programmed with a story, so I'll go with the first. Unless it's like World of Warcraft. WHICH I DON'T PLAY.. I might like to point out. But my ears are forever being traumatised with the endless storys of Saphyr, one of Donna's World of Warcraft characters... She gets very into the whole "role play" thing, and has created storys in the game for her. Which, alot of Warcraft players probably do... I don't get the attraction really..
Second Life? Never heard of it.. So I don't know the story, can't answer that. And I have yet to play Call of Duty 4! Yey for expencive "next gen" consoles... But the rest of them follow the life of a certain soldier, no? So... is the story not about that guy's experiences and losses in a war, I 'spose saying it's a war story is going along the right lines.
...Although, thinking about it... I think that Unreal is pretty much the only game I've played without a story. Kingdom Hearts is the story of a boy searching for his lost friends and defeating the heartless taking over O.o Persona 3 is that of a boys battles to defeat Shadows, and of the friends he makes around him, and I'll not go into anymore detail, or I shall be rambling for days to come, and I don't have that energy ;3
So yeah, in my personal opinion, the story is almost as good as pretty characters, and colourfulness!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Art Director and Donnie Darko!

An Art Director is basically the leader of the art team. He/she is the one with the responsibility for how the game will look, and, indirectly, everything that goes in it!
They have to keep their team on time, in budget, and sticking to the standards that have been set!
Who are they responsible to? Hmm? Like, do they have a boss?
I would say the head of the games company!
-the internet doesn't like me-

In my opinion, the role of Art Director isn’t anywhere near as creative as it sounds. It’s more keeping things on track. And from what I’ve read, they don’t get to do much on the artsy side. Other than setting the look, and giving feedback to the team.
The Art Director of a film, and the Art Director of a video game don’t have roles that different from each other. Both work to create the look for the final product that they had imagined.

… Qualities to be an Art Director… Well, I think that creativity would be a good quality. An Art Director would need a good imagination to be able to decide how a game would look. Another would be good leadership skills, and confidence. What’s the point in trying to run a team, if you’re shy and don’t like to be in charge, or in the limelight? Time management, which is why I wouldn’t make a good Art Director! (That, and the confidence) You need to be able to keep people on time, otherwise things will start falling behind… And that’s part of the job!
Also Frank... Less scary with the mask off!
And, after thinking about it. That film isn't half as confusing as people make out!
I'm not too confused... Other than why the mum was happy her son was dead at the end!
And what was with the dance group?
They made me laugh!
I noticed, me and Donna laugh at things people don't seem to laugh at!
Makes me paranoid O.o

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

...slight catch up!

The term game play refers to the overall feel of a game, things like how it responds to the controls, and the experience you get whilst on the game all make up the gameplay!

Right, the questions in this task gave me a hard time… Really can’t understand them… So I’m guessing that by leading lights it’s meant some of the biggest company names? I hope… I’ll name EA and Square Enix off of the top of my head, because I know both have had huge titles and series successes. Final Fantasy and The Sims being the main ones… And Google won’t tell me any sites that list them! It hates me, it really does.
Where does the Game Design take place in the modern developer? … All I can say is whut!? O_o

If it was a single person’s responsibility to create an entire game, I think spontaneous human combustion may just set in…
A game is created by a group of, dare I say, talented individuals! Though, with some of the games you see these days, especially online, you wonder where they found there crew!
Generally there would be the Writers, the Animators, the 2D artists & 3D artists, if they’re not the same people and the programmers for the actual making of the game! Give or take a few titles. I’m just naming the main guys here.

Isn’t it obvious that each game genre would require different design principles… Imagine using the same ones for a hyped up, cheesy-pop singsong game and a sneaky, dark first-person shooter… I think I speak for everyone when I say… I’d be worried. All would require similar research, such as the setting, the character styles and such, but, you wouldn’t look in the same places! E.g. Allies and such for the shooter games… (That’s even if that’s what is meant by design principles)

For me, the most important part of a game is that it’s good to look at. Be it the scenery, the character designs, the interface… or just the fact that there aren’t many glitches.
My favourite games: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and Kingdom Hearts are my fave because I like the character designs... None of this "realistic" character stuff!
Your playing a GAME why should it need to look realistic?
Thats my thoughts on it anyways.
For example, if I don’t like the style that a character is designed in, I just can’t keep playing the game.
But really, as long as it’s fun, I’ll join! I kick my dad’s butt on football frequently, but I can’t stand the sport.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Angry rantings

Just to let you know...
I am in the process of TRYING to write the next task I have overdue, but!
I'm too annoyed right now! SO
I'm going to randomly rant instead!
Brazil... I completely got the wrong
impression in the morning session when
Mike said it was about forbidden love..
or something along those lines... *Kaylie got the impression that NO-ONE
was allowed to love* ... Yet, it wasn't
even that he wasn't... I don't even
know what it was... Though.. that
director liked the explosions!
On another note... I came home to
Barnsley Wednesday, so I could go to
the doctors and then go out Friday with
my friends as an early birthday meal!
Went to the Doctors, 'cause I hit my nose about a month ago, possibly broken, and can't breath properly... just to be told by
the idiot theres nothing wrong with my
nose... and that I can breath fine
through it... I think my nose and
breathing proves thats wrong >.> I hate
doctors anyways, but the cocky idiots
like that I could happily blow to
pieces in a video game!
And, tomorrow is the day I'm supposed
to be going out to the restaurant,
still haven't booked it... So I guess
I'm gonna be sat at home, having my
mother shout at me some more! My sister also failed me, promising to
drive me to Hull so I can go to the
Deep and get ideas for this "Organic"
project were supposed to be doing, but
instead she's proposed a ghost walk in
York! Cause I can really get idea's
from spotting ghosties that I doubt
they actually have on this alledged
ghost walk...

Friday, 14 November 2008

NGJ and reviews!

Ok, so I’ve been trying to write this blog for weeks...but, for some reason, I didn’t understand a word of it, so I haven’t been able to get it done... No excuse, ask the tutors... I know.
But still, forgive me if it’s wrong! ;(
So, I start the reviews...
When I first opened the ‘workblog’ by Kieron Gillen,
I thought the wrong link had been posted in the tasks!
Not to mention, even though I read it a few times, I couldn’t make sense of the wording.
If you think about it, somewhat in depth, then you realise that the guys who review games don’t have it as easy as it seems... When I think about someone who reviews games, it’s like... They have it easy, sit on their backsides all day, playing games, and sticking a few sentences together. But, after reading Kieron Gillen’s post, I realised that they have a lot of hassle. After the game playing is done of course! ;D
(Did anyone lose the game then?)
...or maybe then ^-^?
First, they have to decide which of the reviews to post... You can’t just post all good reviews now can you? Then, when that’s decided, and the magazine goes to press, they have the thoughts, feelings and reactions of the guys who created each game. Now I suppose that bits not so bad, if you gave a good review!
Personally I don’t get why people bother reading reviews... I mean, the reviewer might think it’s completely awesome! Totally unbelievable and worth an extortionate price tag, but... you might think the opposite. It’s the same with films and any other media really.
But overall... at least it was typed in English, with good grammar, which is more than what I can say about the “Project Gotham Racing 3” review.
Seriously, should reviewers use short hand like ‘xmas’? And the use of ‘lush’ is less than desirable. I hate to be harsh but it was annoying me within the first few seconds of looking at it!
-I’m still unsure as to whether I’m doing this entry right or not-
NGJ: I think that the NGJ is a pretty good way of reviewing games! It steps out of the drab conventional way of reviewing, with an entertaining twist. I liked “Possessing Barbie” in particular
I found it humorous that he referred to the online game as a “glorified dolls-house simulator”
My headaches getting worse so I’m gonna leave it there ^-^

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

80's - Now, and a bit extra!

Ok, so... Again I fail to keep on top of the tasks I’m set.
80’s – 00’s in the history of video games!
Some of the first “out of arcade” consoles were the Commodore 64, Apple II and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which were released in the early 80’s.
Other changes in the 80’s were the increase in companies aimed at developing games, though not many survived for long, Electronic Arts being one of the few still surviving to this day!
Arcade games reached a high in the 80’s with “technically innovative” and genre defining games for the time in the first few years. Game genres such as a “scrolling shooter” were established with games like Defender in 1980, this was, apparently, also the first game to have events outside the players view taking place! Also in 1980, Battlezone used wireframe vector graphics to create the first “true” 3D game world.
3D Monster Maze, released in 1981 was the first 3D game for home computers.
Skipping ahead to a console we should have all heard of! The Sega Mega Drive! Released in 1989, proved its worth after its debut, and had Nintendo counter release a console, the Super NES in 1991.
After those, consoles such as the Atari Jaguar in 1993 and the Sega Saturn and PlayStation in 1994-1995 were released. 1996 saw the release of the Nintendo 64, the major title at its release being Super Mario 64, which became a defining title for 3D platform games.
In the new decade Sony started with the release of the PlayStation 2, this games console was a huge success and went on to becoming a top selling console, according to Wikipedia, THE top selling console to date.
Before the end of 2001 Microsoft had released the Xbox. But sold at a loss.
Games such as The Sims were big hits in the early 00’s and puzzle games with short game play.
In 2004, Nintendo released a new handheld console, the Nintendo DS, and Sony released their PlayStation Portable within a month of each other, the PlayStation was superior in graphics and power, but the DS had its two screens, which proved popular in the games marked. Allowing Nintendo to continue dominating the handheld market from the release of their Game Boy back in 1989!
The release of the “next gen” platforms started in 2005, with Microsoft releasing the Xbox 360, shortly followed in 2006 with the PlayStation 3, both boasting high definition graphics and the capability to play online. Microsoft had the edge pricewise, selling a lot cheaper than the PlayStation 3, which is reportedly one of the most expensive platform on the console market.
Released shortly after the PlayStation 3, Nintendo came back with the Wii. Despite the graphic being substantially lower than that of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii proved popular thanks to its new way of controlling, motion sensitive control and infra-red pointing system. The console reportedly sold out during the Christmas season of 2006 and remained that way for 18 months after. Being the fastest selling game console of all time in most of the world’s gaming market!

For the future in the gaming industry, I'd like to see more games without all the super graphics, and the realism in the characters! I would love to be able to go into a shop and see all the retro games that I love available for buying!

I would love to play Sonic The Hedgehog again! On the megadrive...

I only did this in August, but it's such a good game! There should be more focus on the unconventional main characters in games! Like Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot!

A new Unreal would be awesome, with extra "ew" affect, yes?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

History of Games

So I suppose I should have posted this ages ago, but I dropped behind on t'other stuff! Anyways, on with the history...
Doesn't have to be essay style right?
A.S. Douglas obviously got completely bored of the whole using these awesome machines to work off; and therefore decided to use them for entertainment!! Creating the "first" game of graphics, Tic-Tac-Toe, 'cause that is so much fun! Mr. Douglas aparently had previously written a PHD degree at Cambridge University on Human/computer interactions; which I think is relevant as you need to have an interest in computers and interacting with computers to want to create something from or for them, right?
...Moving along. I think I’ll go to the first publicly released game, Tennis for Two in 1958. Imaginative name really! It was a game that involved you, quite simply, hitting a ball between two players. Not even that, just moving your rectangle to knock the ball back.
Anyway, I find it hard to imagine people being amused for hours on end by two rectangles and a circle... Anything less than the pixilated style of Sonic is impossible to play!
Back to the point: Space War was next in line on the early games, released in 1961! This was slightly more technological, as they were able to move in more directions, not just up and down...
Then onto Pong! Released in 1972! Looks like colour!! Though, isn’t that a tad early for colour?
I’ve also noticed that there’s a big difference in the time it takes for creating games back then, compared to now! Three years and even more.
Now onto the personal part;
My gaming history!
I think the first game that I played, was Sonic the Hedgehog on my Megadrive; along with a random motorbike racing game that I always owned my sister on (she isn’t too good at computer things).
When we advanced in technology onto the PlayStation, I’d spend my days playing Spyro the Dragon, Time Crisis and Tekken 4! Which doesn’t work anymore, sad times! Then we got the PlayStation 2!
I don’t really have a huge list of games that I’ve played to be honest. I’m just a light gamer, interested more in the pretty designs than the actual game play. Unless you count Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, which I would spend hours on when my dad bought the new ones!
The most recent games I’ve played on are Kingdom Hearts and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 which is my favourite!

^I want those headphones^

I’ve always been quite intrigued by technology, and I guess that my interest kept me playing video games, and growing with the technology!
I now want a PS3 and have my eyes on the Final Fantasy XIII Versus!

Ok, so aparently for the next few years, I'm gonna be writing here! Yey... So I'm Kaylie! The quiet one that you'll find lurking in the corners! Is it obvious I want a job drawing? Ah well, I'm not feeling so comfortable writing a blog, I don't like to bother with this sort of thing. It's like you'd be sat there expecting something interesting...
Good enough for an introduction?