Thursday, 20 November 2008

Angry rantings

Just to let you know...
I am in the process of TRYING to write the next task I have overdue, but!
I'm too annoyed right now! SO
I'm going to randomly rant instead!
Brazil... I completely got the wrong
impression in the morning session when
Mike said it was about forbidden love..
or something along those lines... *Kaylie got the impression that NO-ONE
was allowed to love* ... Yet, it wasn't
even that he wasn't... I don't even
know what it was... Though.. that
director liked the explosions!
On another note... I came home to
Barnsley Wednesday, so I could go to
the doctors and then go out Friday with
my friends as an early birthday meal!
Went to the Doctors, 'cause I hit my nose about a month ago, possibly broken, and can't breath properly... just to be told by
the idiot theres nothing wrong with my
nose... and that I can breath fine
through it... I think my nose and
breathing proves thats wrong >.> I hate
doctors anyways, but the cocky idiots
like that I could happily blow to
pieces in a video game!
And, tomorrow is the day I'm supposed
to be going out to the restaurant,
still haven't booked it... So I guess
I'm gonna be sat at home, having my
mother shout at me some more! My sister also failed me, promising to
drive me to Hull so I can go to the
Deep and get ideas for this "Organic"
project were supposed to be doing, but
instead she's proposed a ghost walk in
York! Cause I can really get idea's
from spotting ghosties that I doubt
they actually have on this alledged
ghost walk...

Friday, 14 November 2008

NGJ and reviews!

Ok, so I’ve been trying to write this blog for weeks...but, for some reason, I didn’t understand a word of it, so I haven’t been able to get it done... No excuse, ask the tutors... I know.
But still, forgive me if it’s wrong! ;(
So, I start the reviews...
When I first opened the ‘workblog’ by Kieron Gillen,
I thought the wrong link had been posted in the tasks!
Not to mention, even though I read it a few times, I couldn’t make sense of the wording.
If you think about it, somewhat in depth, then you realise that the guys who review games don’t have it as easy as it seems... When I think about someone who reviews games, it’s like... They have it easy, sit on their backsides all day, playing games, and sticking a few sentences together. But, after reading Kieron Gillen’s post, I realised that they have a lot of hassle. After the game playing is done of course! ;D
(Did anyone lose the game then?)
...or maybe then ^-^?
First, they have to decide which of the reviews to post... You can’t just post all good reviews now can you? Then, when that’s decided, and the magazine goes to press, they have the thoughts, feelings and reactions of the guys who created each game. Now I suppose that bits not so bad, if you gave a good review!
Personally I don’t get why people bother reading reviews... I mean, the reviewer might think it’s completely awesome! Totally unbelievable and worth an extortionate price tag, but... you might think the opposite. It’s the same with films and any other media really.
But overall... at least it was typed in English, with good grammar, which is more than what I can say about the “Project Gotham Racing 3” review.
Seriously, should reviewers use short hand like ‘xmas’? And the use of ‘lush’ is less than desirable. I hate to be harsh but it was annoying me within the first few seconds of looking at it!
-I’m still unsure as to whether I’m doing this entry right or not-
NGJ: I think that the NGJ is a pretty good way of reviewing games! It steps out of the drab conventional way of reviewing, with an entertaining twist. I liked “Possessing Barbie” in particular
I found it humorous that he referred to the online game as a “glorified dolls-house simulator”
My headaches getting worse so I’m gonna leave it there ^-^