Thursday, 20 November 2008

Angry rantings

Just to let you know...
I am in the process of TRYING to write the next task I have overdue, but!
I'm too annoyed right now! SO
I'm going to randomly rant instead!
Brazil... I completely got the wrong
impression in the morning session when
Mike said it was about forbidden love..
or something along those lines... *Kaylie got the impression that NO-ONE
was allowed to love* ... Yet, it wasn't
even that he wasn't... I don't even
know what it was... Though.. that
director liked the explosions!
On another note... I came home to
Barnsley Wednesday, so I could go to
the doctors and then go out Friday with
my friends as an early birthday meal!
Went to the Doctors, 'cause I hit my nose about a month ago, possibly broken, and can't breath properly... just to be told by
the idiot theres nothing wrong with my
nose... and that I can breath fine
through it... I think my nose and
breathing proves thats wrong >.> I hate
doctors anyways, but the cocky idiots
like that I could happily blow to
pieces in a video game!
And, tomorrow is the day I'm supposed
to be going out to the restaurant,
still haven't booked it... So I guess
I'm gonna be sat at home, having my
mother shout at me some more! My sister also failed me, promising to
drive me to Hull so I can go to the
Deep and get ideas for this "Organic"
project were supposed to be doing, but
instead she's proposed a ghost walk in
York! Cause I can really get idea's
from spotting ghosties that I doubt
they actually have on this alledged
ghost walk...