Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Art Director and Donnie Darko!

An Art Director is basically the leader of the art team. He/she is the one with the responsibility for how the game will look, and, indirectly, everything that goes in it!
They have to keep their team on time, in budget, and sticking to the standards that have been set!
Who are they responsible to? Hmm? Like, do they have a boss?
I would say the head of the games company!
-the internet doesn't like me-

In my opinion, the role of Art Director isn’t anywhere near as creative as it sounds. It’s more keeping things on track. And from what I’ve read, they don’t get to do much on the artsy side. Other than setting the look, and giving feedback to the team.
The Art Director of a film, and the Art Director of a video game don’t have roles that different from each other. Both work to create the look for the final product that they had imagined.

… Qualities to be an Art Director… Well, I think that creativity would be a good quality. An Art Director would need a good imagination to be able to decide how a game would look. Another would be good leadership skills, and confidence. What’s the point in trying to run a team, if you’re shy and don’t like to be in charge, or in the limelight? Time management, which is why I wouldn’t make a good Art Director! (That, and the confidence) You need to be able to keep people on time, otherwise things will start falling behind… And that’s part of the job!
Also Frank... Less scary with the mask off!
And, after thinking about it. That film isn't half as confusing as people make out!
I'm not too confused... Other than why the mum was happy her son was dead at the end!
And what was with the dance group?
They made me laugh!
I noticed, me and Donna laugh at things people don't seem to laugh at!
Makes me paranoid O.o

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