Thursday, 1 January 2009

Week 9

Always, when I go into a shop that sells platforms, I’ll be instantly distracted, turn somewhat zombie like, and start repeating “shineeeey” at the PS3, X-Box 360 and the Nintendo Wii. I shall admit. I want them all, seen as it’s pretty obvious. The only shiny platform I’ve owned is the Nintendo DS, which I sold for gig tickets, and my new one isn’t shineh! Mega Drive, PlayStation, Game boy colour, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS is the list of platforms that have been in my possession. I would say that the Mega Drive, PS1 and PS2 were the easiest of the lot to use. They have basic controllers… simple to understand and do the job they were intended for. I like simple. The Nintendo DS and Game Boy colour got confusing to me with all the linking with other people to play games. I don’t see the point in it on handhelds.

The nicest looking of the platforms I’ve had… Probably the Mega Drive! Retro is the way forwards in my opinion! But, the DS came close being shiny, but if it came down to choosing between a Mega Drive and a DS though… I’d trade the DS in a second!
I have no idea how users would interact with the consoles… to be honest, I can’t get my head around the question. Got so desperate I ran it past my parents… They started rambling on about the Nintendo Wii being interactive, and those Virtual Reality helmets which put you in game.
I really hope they come out someday. I would love something like that, or at least to have a go on one… A game like that in Dragon Drive!

In my eyes, the joystick is a dying technology… I’ve never found any interest in them. I would choose a mouse, or a PS2 controller over even trying one any day. I think they’re fine in arcades, on the silly games that steal all your money! But the proof is in the fact that nobody I’ve asked has ever noticed them in shops or even being advertised on TV…

And a last note… Left alignment is really … REALLY driving me insane! I need the symmetry!

-And no one see’s a problem with the black background =D

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