Sunday, 18 January 2009

Industry coping?

The industry is doing how the rest of society is doing. Going downhill. Proof even the entertainment industry isn’t safe, eh? Even though masses of cash still seem to be being spent on video games and the latest consoles, a few of the smaller games design companies are facing closure. discuss the issue, stating;
“It would appear that video gaming isn’t quite as recession-proof as many people would have you believe – long-time Nintendo supporter Factor 5 is rumoured to have closed it doors for the last time.”
What are employee’s views of working in the industry? – After a week of on-off searching, a few headaches and battles a lot of “Meh, can’t be bothered!” states, I gave up trying to find the views of the employee’s! Only one I came across, that kept showing up again and again and again was a rant about “crunch time” which I don’t think qualifies enough to be a view of working in the industry, ‘cause it’s just one time.
I think the biggest challenges facing the industry is creating games with stories that interest the games market enough for them to buy. Otherwise they’re just wasting time and money, and following suit of the companies that have already faced closure.
The impact. A smaller industry, the recession could have a drastic effect on the games industry, leaving us with fewer options in what companies to buy from, if any live through it.

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