Saturday, 3 January 2009

Week 10 - Story and Character

If it’s a good book, the author should be able to make you feel that you understand the characters… Make you see from their point of view, judge their actions, maybe even feel what it would be like when put into their situations.
When I think of the characters from films, one dominates above all else. Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I’m bias when it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean, ‘cause Johnny Depp is one of my favourite actors. But, who wouldn’t want to know a person with the personality of Mr. Sparrow? Everyone loves pirates after all… But getting back on track! I think that the writers, producer and Director or Pirates’ did well in making the audience be able to understand and love the character ^^;

I’m not doing this right am I? No clue! I hate blogs >.>

Anyway! A character from a book… Lestat from the Anne Rice books, The Vampire Chronicles. She also does well in making you feel for the character and understand the emotions in what her characters go through!
I have no idea what kind of technique they would use. I suppose making you get to know the characters would help in getting people to respond to them. If the past lives of the Characters is told, like in the ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ books would assist in “responding” to characters.

Pretty much all of the feelings towards characters is probably dependant on the scripting. How the actors carry out the roles is very important to how people feel towards the characters too, whether they make them likeable or detestable. I’m not sure how much it would depend on the appearance though. I guess if they look creepy, you’re bound to dislike the character. Unless the acting and script brings them out as completely miss-understood souls…

The stories I personally find “irresistible” would be ones that include Pirates and Vampires! I like stories that give the background of the characters, ones that are descriptive in the sceneries in the story, and the expressions that the characters have, responding to the situations they’re thrown into. I LOVE the unbelievable and supernatural stories, as probably guessed… ^^;


Blair said...

Lestat is my favourite Anne Rice vampire. Have you heard of Poppy Z Brite? My favourite horror author, writes really interesting vampires in 1990s New Orleans :]

Kaylie! said...

Lestat is pretty awesome ^^; I love how Stuart Townsend portrays him in the movie 'Queen of the Damned' And no. I haven't heard of that author, guessing tis a she? I'll have to look her up :) I'm in need of more books! And Vampire books are the best :3